My last semester!

Well, here I am in my last semester of college. After three and a half long yet speedy years of exams, projects, papers, drama, drunken nights, and the quintessential naked roommate, I’m in the home stretch. Will I make it? Well, that remains to be seen. I’m creating this blog as a place to recount some of my best and worst college memories before this part of my life concludes. Those recollections will be accompanied by my struggle to maintain my sanity during these last few months. Some of the posts you can look forward to will include “driving away an unwanted roommate”, “surviving the perils of dining halls”, “dealing with asinine bosses” and much more. I hope that young bright eyed freshman will find this blog and use it to prepare for all the lousy parts of college. I won’t say my college experience was bad, or even a waste of time. But I will say that college wasn’t what I expected and I couldn’t be happier that I’m nearly done. I have learned more than I ever expected about life, and even a bit about engineering (my major). Lastly, in order to protect the true identity of all my acquaintances here at this university that shall remained unnamed, I will be changing names. So don’t try to search for them, because they aren’t real. Anyways, that’s enough of a spiel for now. Thanks for reading and enjoy!